We found 10 actual water levels for 'Neversink'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Below Claryville Neversink 6.44848 ft 92.133 cfs
Below Neversink Reservoir Neversink 3.469256 ft 110.842 cfs
Bridgeville Neversink 5.028568 ft 133.081 cfs
Claryville West Branch Neversink 5.998464 ft 54.362 cfs
E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning 1.179816 ft 12.708 cfs
Godeffroy Neversink 3.659168 ft 248.865 cfs
Grahamsville Neversink Res Diversion Channel 28.946 cfs
Near Claryville East Branch Neversink 4.738944 ft 25.769 cfs
Neversink Reservoir Neversink 1433.462992 ft
Winnisook L Nr Frost Valley W Br Neversink R 1.299536 ft 0.706 cfs